The Right Smartphone Can Work Wonders in Your Business

It’s widely known that for businesses to function efficiently there’s a need to be mobile. That’s what business mobile tariffs are there for. To help you get more completed in a cost efficient way.

There’s something that’s actually just as vitally as important as the cost of your mobile business phone though.

Do you know what it is?

It’s the handset you use!

The mobile phone you use for business purposes can unleash a power of productivity, freeing up more time for you and your staff.

With the latest technologically advanced mobile phone in your pocket, working won’t even feel like work at all. That’s how much an advantage you’ll have, simply through selecting the right handset for the needs of you and your business.

Take the push email features of a handset allowing you forward emails direct from your email client, and instantly update to your mobile phone.

It may seem as though it’s not an essential, but when you consider the time you spend sifting through emails in the morning, you can cut that out your schedule, by sifting through some over breakfast, or lunch, and marking the important messages for when you arrive in the office.

It allows you to prioritise your time.

The push email features give you instant notifications. A feature like this can alert you to urgent matters that need your attention right away. This could see you improve your customer services, or it could be an alert that lets you know a client has a problem, and lets you get on top of things in super fast time, without having clients waiting 24 – 48 hours for your support.

Banking is another feature you can use on your mobile handset. When your accounts are running close to the limit, the ability to transfer money in a jiff is super important to avoid any charges being incurred. That needs your business phone to be wifi enabled, with access to encrypted sites for additional security.

How about reports, spreadsheets and PDFs?

The things that you’d usually be strapped to your office desk to sift through…with the right handset you can have a full office suite, compatible with the latest software, such as Adobe Reader, MS word, and MS excel, allowing to you to look through spreadsheet data, and other vital documents, while you’re on the go.

The organiser

This is one of the best features you can have in a business mobile phone. The last thing you’ll want to do is be late for a meeting. That could be with an existing client, a prospect, or your business advisor.

Smartphones for business often have built in organisers. It saves you the hassle of carrying around a large journal with all your appointments in them.

Need to write something down, and can’t find a pen and paper?

Smartphones have you covered. Well, the ones that have integrated handwriting technology built in anyway. Just whip out your phone, press the notes button, and voilla…scribble yourself a memo, and even set a reminder if you need that too.

Of course, with all the technology and things you’ll be doing with your mobile, you’ll need some form of protection in case the phone gets misplaced. The last thing you’ll need is vital or perhaps even confidential information on your phone, to land in the wrong hands.

Mobile handsets for business users can come with a remote wiping feature. You can sync the handsets to your home or office computer, and remotely wipe anything you want or need removed from the phone in a flash.

All that with affordable pricing

What’s the point in being in business if you can’t enjoy some of the finer things in life. The things that make life that bit simpler.

Smartphones are designed to make life simpler, with the additional value of increasing productivity in the workplace.

You can go out and buy a phone in any high street store, and pay the retail price for them. However, as a business, you’ve the privilege of business mobile packages. That brings with it reduced call price plans, sometimes the inclusion of insurance, as well as mix and max packages to suit the different needs of any staff you have in your office.

While you may need to keep an eye on your investments, using stock monitoring apps, your HR department may need their Smartphone to read the CVs of potential candidates, as they prepare for interviewing.

That’s the power you can tap into, simply by selecting the best mobile technology to suit your business.

Identify what your business needs are, and those of your staff, and then match those needs to the handsets that let you increase productivity in the workplace. 

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