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Business Calls, Line Rentals and Service Charges

Better value telephony servicesCheaper, Cheaper and Cheaper

When moving to our recommended provider, they will take over the billing for all of your telephone calls and lines. You may think you’re already getting a good deal on your telephone bill, but by taking the time to speak to us you will find that we can save you money by switching. We operate a price promise so you can be assured of getting the best price available:

  • Cheaper calls and line rentals guaranteed
  • Calls billed to a tenth of a penny
  • No minimum or call connection charge
  • No rounding up to the next penny
  • Heavily discounted BT line rentals

Transferring your services is seamless. Your service continues uninterrupted with no physical change to the lines or telephone numbers.
We can arrange any additional lines that you may want installed, whether analogue, ISDN2, ISDN30 or SIP Trunks.

  • Better customer service entirely UK based without long waits on the phone
  • You will always speak to someone who knows your account and understands your business
  • No need to trawl through and understand call plans and schemes when we can do that work for you

Business Broadband

Including fibre optic services and other data connectivity solutions

Our partner suppliers provide a family of superfast broadband products based on the very latest ADSL and Fibre technologies delivering download speeds of up 80Mbs and upload speeds of up to 20 Mbs. These connect directly into BT’s latest network.

  • 24/7 UK-based telephone support
  • Outstanding value for money
  • A range of charging options dependant on your budget
  • Access service for SIP trunks and Hosted Telephony

Phone Systems

Physical & Virtual

Our recommended providers offer a comprehensive range of telephone system across multiple manufacturers, although we specialize in Samsung, Avaya and Cisco systems.

We can cater for small and very simple office systems to a fully data conversant single or multi-site solution. Our expertise in this field allows you to benefit from the latest technology as we can provide the most-up-to-date solutions and applications.

Implementing a new telephony system needs careful planning and consideration. With dedicated teams based in the UK we can offer full end to end support from design and implementation through to end user support and maintenance.

Telecommunications are vital to your business. Continuity of service is key, so a fast and efficient support & maintenance service is crucial if things go wrong. The engineers and account managers that our providers use are highly skilled and have years of industry experience, this means that they are well equipped to quickly diagnose the majority of problems that can occasionally occur with your telecoms systems and lines.

We can also provide a FREE, ultra versatile business phone system that will grow with you, called Babblevoice.

Babblevoice is FREE!

  • no installation charge
  • no ongoing maintenance charge
  • no minimum contract, use it for as long as you need

Babblevoice is the fastest growing, so easy to use, low cost business phone system you’ll ever need

Great features include:

  • auto dialer
  • call recording
  • full CRM with calendar integration
  • works anywhere in the world with an internet connection
  • easy to manage online
  • as many lines as you need per number and as many concurrent calls as you want
  • free software updates

You only pay for external calls (at exceptionally low rates with no minimum call charges), renting additional phone numbers for any UK location and storage of recorded calls.

Mobile telephony solutions on all networks

Our providers offer a truly business class service and you will deal with experienced specialists in the mobile field who are best equipped to advise you depending on your exact requirements and network preference. We’ll assess your current mobile needs and provide expert advice on the best products and packages for your business.

The tariffs we can obtain for you are exceptionally competitive, particularly for end users that take both fixed and mobile services, with significant cost savings. All the latest business-class mobile phone handsets available.

Key benefits:

  • Fixed line & mobile telecoms from one supplier
  • A range of tariffs to suit your needs
  • No long waits on the phone for service & support
  • Transparency of chosen plans & costs
  • In-house mobile expertise
  • No need to research mobile options when we can do that work for you

Inbound Solutions

Inbound phone services for both normal geographic numbers (eg. 01, 02 & 03) and non-geographic numbers (eg. 0800, 0844, 0845 numbers) that enable any business to perfect their customer service. These services also provide online access to a full range of call routing and monitoring tools.

Each service can be bought individually so you only pay for what you need.

The feature rich services enable you to manage inbound numbers and call handling exactly to your requirements.

Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN) or Number Translation Services (NTS numbers) belong to a group of numbers that are not tied to a specific area of the UK. Calls to these numbers are then ‘pointed’ to an existing landline number.

Available numbers include:

  • 03XX (a new range of numbers)
  • 0800 Freephone
  • 0845 ‘Local rate’
  • 0870 ‘National’ Rate
  • 0844/0871 Special Rate
  • 090x Premium Rate

Talk4Less also offers:

  • Audio Conferencing
  • Call Logging & Recording
  • Fax to Email & Hosted Email Solutions
  • Leased Lines
  • Mobile broadband solutions
  • Mobile email solutions
  • Remote Support & Backup Solutions
  • SIP Trunks
  • VoiP Solutions
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