Perfect Your Customer Services With Inbound Telecoms Solutions

Inbound calls solutions can be an art form to perfect for all sizes of business. Just one of the aspects to consider from a customer perspective is the NGN (non-geographical number) you choose to assign your company telephone system with.

A number of UK NGN numbers are available; however, not all are welcomed by customers as they can be expensive to call particularly from a mobile. Such numbers include 09 premium rate numbers, but more commonly are 0844 numbers, which are known as special rate numbers.

The reason that the customer experience needs to be considered when choosing the NGN for your business is that it will dictate how many customers call your organisation for assistance, support, or even for a general enquiry.

Some residential telecoms packages include a certain number of free phone calls to landlines however the majority will not include special rate numbers within those packages. Therefore, customers are often hesitant on dialling numbers that will have a direct impact on their next telephone bill.

For that reason, to encourage customers to contact support, businesses may opt for either the free phone 0800 NGN or an 03xx number which are included in most mobile phone call packages. That will make calling your company free to the customer, but the cost of the call will be picked up at the business end, contributing to increased overheads.

Due to the impact any NGN can have on inbound telecoms, consideration should be given to both customer perspective, as well as the potential to increase the overheads on the business implementing the number.

The Benefits of Call Routing using Non-Geographical Numbers

For business expansions, the use of NGNs are highly effective, as the calls can be routed to any number assigned to it. Should you move offices, simply re-route the number to the new location, and there’s no interruption to the services on the customer end. Everything is handled seamlessly in-house.

For businesses with more than one office, the management of inbound calls can be simplified for smoother operations, and maximising the amount of customers who reach someone the first time they call, rather than be greeted with an engaged tone, or placed on hold.

This can be done using a ratio routing feature, which could route calls such as 50% calls to the Birmingham office, 25% to an office in Leeds, and 25% of inbound calls to a London office.

Naturally, the office with the most staff to handle more inbound calls would receive a higher ratio percentage than a newly opened office with only a small number of staff.

That’s just touching on the features of NGN, but at the heart of the management aspect of inbound calls, the management features of NGN and call routing, allow for a greater customer experience. Therefore, it can ensure your customers are able to speak to a live representative, or when out of office hours, they can be diverted to a mobile number, or to an integrated voicemail feature.

The way you allocate and manage your telephone communications, does have a direct impact on consumer behaviour.

Consider the options, and the inbound management features that your business requires to best manage your inbound calls, as that’s where the real benefits of NGN are.



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