Future Proof Your Business Communications Safely And Proactively

There’s no doubt about it that technology is paving the way for innovation, with software developers creating sophisticated cloud applications, allowing SMEs to receive Enterprise Level service at small business prices.

That’s something that’s continually growing, and not going to be slowing down anytime soon.

Developers are in competition, leading to better communications, at competitive prices that sole traders are able to benefit from. Cloud-based solutions allow remote sole traders to deliver services that can appear to be a corporate sized company.

Non-geographical phone numbers, integrated call management and on hold marketing facilities, all made available with the one plug-and-go business telephone system is only one example of the innovations already available on the market.

Continued research and development into business needs for communication, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner will only add to the development of future applications.

Security wise things will continue to evolve too.

Thinking of the most recent cyber attack (GOZeuS and CryptoLocker) cyber security companies were able to race to the market, in a last bid effort to secure consumers personal security with free downloadable software applications to fend off the attackers preventing access to security pertinent financial information.

The speed the software applications were able to be delivered to the market was astoundingly fast. Something that in the 90’s would have took a whole lot longer.

The fact of the matter is that communication speeds nowadays are far greater than they have ever been.

In hindsight, the only comparison could be the privatisation of BT decades ago, which opened up the telecoms industry to commercial competition, quickly taking effect with competitive pricing emerging, benefiting consumers.

In this day in age, it’s went from copper based telephone lines, to SIP trunking, to IP connectivity, with every technological advancement, reducing the cost of calls to consumers.

Eventually, with IP based telephony and Hosted PBX solutions, with an expanding inventory of cloud-based applications, the majority of calls are going to become free for site-to-site calls and at best super cheap for all calls.

The last thing to do in an evolving market is to take any size of business and tie it into a long-term contract. With an array of business broadband providers to choose from, the advantage is with business owners.

Now is a time to future proof business telecoms, and go with a provider committed to customer excellence and continued research, leading to innovative solutions that helps drive businesses forward.

Low cost IP solutions are par for the course for many a provider, but where some excel is by delivering agreement types that match the current and future needs of your business; agreements that give you the ability to scale or decrease your plans in line with business requirements.

Technologies are evolving, costs are reducing, and broadband providers are being proactive to ensure they’re consistently delivering cutting edge technology to meet the needs of business growth.

That is what is going to continually reduce the telephony overheads of all business sizes, allowing more investment to go into business growth, rather than just sustainability.

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