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Lower Telephone Line Rental

Have you ever stopped to consider just how much money you are paying for your telephone line rental? Have you, in recent weeks or months, checked to see if you could receive a lower telephone line rental, by potentially moving

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The Importance of Saving For a Rainy Day

As we all know by now the UK is in somewhat of a financial crisis. Despite their best efforts the UK Government is struggling to reduce the deficit and this seems like a story that is likely to roll on

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Why Pay More?

I am often amazed at the amount of people that I see who are paying more for something than they have to. Am I the only one that does not believe in paying more than I need to? Perhaps it

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Are You Conducting A Business Cost Cutting Exercise?

For the last two or so years we have been hearing and reading about Government cut backs as they attempt to reduce the UK deficit. Some argue that this is potentially the wrong strategy as it means that the country

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