Toll Fraud/Dial-through Telephone Fraud

 In 2011 the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) carried out a comprehensive worldwide communications industry survey that assesses global telecom fraud losses. They estimate Global Telecom Fraud to exceed $40 billion annually. This compares to Global Credit Card Fraud at just $7.6 billion. 

Criminal elements may try and “hack” into your telephone system, ISDN, analogue lines, SIP lines, and your Network, with the specific intention of running up very large bills. Professional criminals set up powerful auto diallers to randomly search for telephone system passwords or public IP addresses which when hacked allow access into the voicemail boxes, lines or SIP Trunks. These dial out repeatedly on your lines to a premium number, or expensive destinations which over the course of a weekend, overnight, or Bank Holiday can run up tens of thousands of pounds. These calls will be billed on your account which you will, by law, be liable for. 

Please take note of the below points: 

1)  Change all your passwords regularly and make sure they are not default passwords. This includes Network, Systems, Routers, Modems, and Computers.

 2)  Ensure that every mailbox on your voicemail system has a secure password, not a default one.

 3)  Disable all Conference facilities if you don’t use this function, or regularly change the access code.

 4)  Be aware that SIP trunks are particularly susceptible via the public IP addresses attached to the Telephone System or your Computer network.

 5)  Be aware that you are responsible for the security of your lines your telephone systems and your Computer network and for any calls charged to your account as a result of  hacking.

 6)  Bank holidays and weekends are a favourite time for Hackers to try and access your systems.

 Please see below the link to a recent article “You and Yours” on Radio 4 for further information, which describes the experience of a small Company in Bath who were hacked for approximately £15000 over the Easter Bank Holiday


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