Maximising Your On-Hold Opportunities With Business Telephone Systems

With technology at your fingertips, even the smallest business can invest in smart business telephone technology that allows them to create a professional image.

These systems allow businesses to fill the golden silence and they are a proven method to increase caller retention.

That is an important area to telephone systems for all sizes of business, as you never know when a potential customer is going to call your office,einquiring about services or products that your business provides. It’s essential to make the best impression on every caller, as it could mean the difference between them doing business with you, or hanging up and calling a competitor.

For those with larger offices, perhaps having up to forty telephone extensions within the office, there will be times when a staff member needs to place a caller on hold, to either pass them to the appropriate department, person, or simply to make any inquiries to resolve a customer query.

When a caller is connected to a member of staff, to be put on hold later in the call, the last thing you want is for that person to hear only silence, winding up confused about whether they’re actually on hold, or if the call has accidentally been disconnected.

That can be avoided by one telecoms solution

This is a business telephone system that can play music on hold, or marketing messages.

Both solutions are viable to all sizes of businesses as they are a way to fill in that silence, keeping callers on the line, increasing the call retention rate.

How you utilise that feature can make a huge impact on your business.

You can go with the music on hold functions, play a recorded message on hold, or you could even incorporate a local radio station to stream when a caller is on hold.

To ensure you are compliant with laws surrounding music broadcasting though, you must be licensed to broadcast copyrighted music. For most businesses, it’s often a PRS license or PPL licence (sometimes the two licenses) both of which can become expensive.

Using the best of business telephone systems can actually benefit you both financially and help you grow your revenue.

You could do that by opting to go with the message on hold, instead of playing music on hold when you’d be required to pay a licence fee. It’s also possible to utilise both if you’re comfortable with the additional licensing expense.

To make a profitable return on your business phone system, the on hold option can be used to effectively market your services, promote your website, introduce a new product line or service, inform your customers about any special offers or generally entertain your customers during the time that would otherwise be silent, by playing a recorded message about your business.

The more you can engage your customer, the longer they’ll stay on the line.

Utilising the on hold option is a great way to enhance caller experience and communications within your business, and it’s also an additional marketing channel that can be utilised to promote additional services and increase your cross sales – adding to your bottom line. 

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